South Jersey Gas On-Bill Repayment Program

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The South Jersey Gas On-Bill Repayment Program is designed to encourage the installation of high efficiency measures to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

By making improvements to your home, you can receive immediate benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Immediate bill savings. Efficiency upgrades decrease your energy consumption and your utility bills.
  • The changes you make can:
    • Save you money
    • Increase your home comfort
    • Improve your home’s value
    • Improve your indoor air quality
    • Make your home more resilient against the impacts of climate change, like extreme high and low temperatures and more pollutants in the air

How can I qualify?

  • Loan applicant must be the property owner.
  • Gas utility bill must be and remain in the property owner’s name until the loan is paid back in full.
  • If all or any part of the property or any interest in the property is sold or transferred without the gas utility’s prior written consent, the utility may require immediate payment in full of all money then owed under the on-bill repayment agreement.
  • If the utility account is closed for any reason, immediate payment in full of all money then owed under the on-bill repayment agreement may be required.
  • Eligibility for the on-bill repayment program is based in part on your utility bill payment history with South Jersey Gas, and we will require you to submit a copy of a recent utility bill, showing the service address, and gas and electric usage.
  • If you don’t have 12 months of utility history with South Jersey Gas, determination for on-bill repayment program eligibility will be based on your general credit history (As part of the Credit Application process we will request a copy of your credit history).

What qualifies for financing?

The South Jersey Gas program is designed to help you increase your comfort and save money by installing eligible energy efficient equipment in your home. Financing can be combined with several of South Jersey Gas’s efficiency programs as noted below:

South Jersey Gas’s efficiency programs repayment options
Repayment options Efficient Products (New or Upgrade) Financing Existing Homes Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Financing Multi-Family Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Financing
Maximum On-Bill Repayment Amount Up to $15,000 at 0%. Maximum limits based on combination of applicable equipment. Up to $15,000 at 0%. Up to $2,000 per unit with a maximum of $250,000 per project.
Maximum On-Bill Repayment Term 7 years or 10 years for income eligible customers. 7 years (up to $10,000) or 10 years ($10,000+). 7 years.

You will need to work with a South Jersey Gas participating contractor to ensure all improvements installed meet minimum efficiency requirements to be eligible for financing. This list provides you with the efficiency requirements of the major equipment eligible for financing. In addition, the equipment must be on the ENERGY STAR® list.

Please contact the South Jersey Gas Residential team at 1-833-493-0691 or by email at for a measure eligibility.

How do I find an approved contractor?

All installations must be completed by contractors currently on the South Jersey Gas Participating Contractors List. Find a participating contractor by county or installation type using our contractor search tool.

The fine print

Eligible Properties: Residential single-family and duplex homes

Loan Type: Unsecured. The homeowner provides no collateral. There are no fees, points, or closing costs.

Loan Amount: $2,500 - $15,000, dependent on the type of improvements installed.

Loan Rate: Fixed at 0%

Prepayment: No penalty, can pay in full at any time

Calculate your loan costs

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I'm ready to apply!

Please note the credit application is not a contract for on-bill repayment, nor does it lock you into any commitment with a contractor. The credit application will allow us to proceed with your request for an On Bill Repayment to finance your improvement(s). If additional information is needed, you will be notified of the specific documentation required to process your application.

There are three ways to apply:

  • Apply online - Applying online is the fastest way to receive a decision. Use the portal below to complete the online credit application.

  • Print the application - Download the credit application. Mail or fax the completed application to Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) at the address below.
  • Request an application packet by mail - Call 1.888.264.4367 if you would like us to mail you an application. Mail or fax the completed application to EFS at the address below.

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Madison, WI 53719

Fax: 608.249.5788