Elizabethtown Gas On-Bill Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Elizabethtown Gas

The Elizabethtown Gas loan program is designed to help you improve your property and save on operating expenses by installing eligible energy-efficient equipment.

The Elizabethtown Gas (ETG) On-Bill Repayment Program gives commercial customers the option to finance energy efficiency improvements on-bill and at zero percent interest, so utility customers:

  • Pay for improvements through a monthly loan charge on their utility bill
  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Reduce utility bills

The fine print

There’s no catch. Really. If you meet the loan terms, you have a zero percent interest rate that will not change; and there’s no penalty for paying early.

Eligible Properties: Commercial properties.

Loan Type: Unsecured loan.

Loan Amounts: $2,500 - $250,000. On-Bill Repayment amount eligibility will depend on program. Check with your contractor with additional questions.

Loan Rate: Fixed at 0%.

Loan Term: Maximum of 5 years.

Prepayment: No penalty, can pay in full at any time.

Other: No fees, points, or closing costs.

What qualifies for financing?

The Elizabethtown Gas loan program is designed to help you improve your property and save on operating expenses by installing eligible energy-efficient equipment. Financing can be combined with several of Elizabethtown Gas’s efficiency programs as noted below.

Program Eligibility: Please contact the ETG Commercial team at 1-888-263-7372 or by email at ETGBusiness@appliedenergygroup.com for a measure eligibility.

Elizabethtown Gas loan options
Loan options Direct Install Prescriptive and Custom
Maximum Loan Amount: $130,000 $150K on Prescriptive. $250K on Custom
Maximum Loan Term: 5 years 5 years

Does my property qualify?

  • An active and current gas utility account that meets the program-specific requirements regarding the repayment of your gas utility bill.
  • Each person with an ownership interest of 10 percent or more in the business entity will be required to provide a personal guarantee.
    • These persons shall be jointly and severally responsible for the repayment of funds through the ETG On-Bill Repayment Program and will be required to sign a promissory note requiring repayment.

Contact Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) at 1.888.264.4367 or by email at efs@energyfinancesolutions.com for questions around on-bill financing requirements.

How do I find an approved contractor?

The contractor who performs your efficient products installation must be a participating ETG contractor. You may search for a participating contractor by county or installation type with the EFS Contractor Search.

Calculate your loan costs

Let us help you understand how much your loan will cost. Use our calculator for a quick estimate before you apply.

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How to apply

Complete a commercial credit application.

Please note the credit application is not a contract for an on-bill repayment nor does it lock you into any commitment with a contractor. The credit application will allow us to proceed with your request to finance your improvements through the on-bill repayment program. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and complete the Commercial Credit Application.
  2. Mail or fax the completed application to Energy Finance Solutions at the following address:

    Energy Finance Solutions
    431 Catalyst Way
    Madison, WI 53719

    Fax: 608.249.5788